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Here at Fiction for the Soul you'll find stories for Teens,  Young Adults and Adults Young at Heart.  Lynette Ferreira writes sweet, wholesome romance stories for teenagers and young adults about first love, really cute boys, kissing, all the drama, and with all the feels. Books by Lynette are:-  Pocketful of Hope   The Shape of My Soul   Samantha & The Empath   Paper Hearts   The Reaper   Recycled Souls series  All Over Again   My Recycled Soul   When Destiny Collides   The Great Divide series  The Great Divide   When We Love   The Vampire Pirate series  William The Damned   The Vampire Pirate’s Daughter   The Vampire Virus   Counting Stars series  Forever Young   Collections  Recycled Souls   The Sweetest Love of All   William The Vampire Pirate   Rosaline Saul writes uplifting and wholesome fantasy fiction for teens, young adults and adults young at heart. Her stories tend to have a dark and gloomy tone. Now a full-time writer, Rosaline and her family call Northern Ireland

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