Chain Letter - Stephen Simpson

Chain Letter is a scary horror story for teenagers and young adults. The story was first published in eBook on the 30th of August 2010. 

I cannot believe it's been 11 years! 

Back in 2010 the internet was still very 'young', and very, very different from how it is today. People were mainly using the internet for banking, MySpace and emails. This meant that there were a LOT of spam emails doing the rounds. 

I kept getting these emails (also in those days, you couldn't mark an email as spam as you can these days. Whatever landed in your inbox, you opened) and then suddenly the idea formed and I started to write Chain Letter. I wrote the entire story in a weekend. Like I said, there was no internet distractions :o) 

The first edition was published as Subject: FWD (lol can you imagine). It was later re-published as SPAM (this resulted in people either thinking it was about the American processed meat with a similar name, or like actual spam email). Thus, late 2019, it was, again, re-published and now has the title of Chain Letter. 

Read the first chapters at Stephen Simpson - Chain Letter 

Happy reading! 


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