Murder Gone Viral - Stephen Simpson

Murder Gone Viral is a scary horror story for teenagers and young adults. The story was first published in eBook on the 8th of December 2012. 

To be honest, I do not remember what inspired me to write this story. I think there was this sudden upsurge on the internet of people wanting to be seen, no matter what, and it got me thinking what would someone who was really desperate for attention do. Also, every second show on the TV back then was for one or other make my dreams come true reality competition, and I tried to marry the two phenomenons. 

This book is the only story I have ever written where there are some very foul language, but it fits the story (in my humble opinion). 

The first edition of Murder Gone Viral was published as Viral, which resulted in people thinking it was a book about How To Go Viral... 

ps. the right book titles are super, super important. Something I am yet to master. 

Read the first chapters at Stephen Simpson - Murder Gone Viral 

Happy reading! 


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