The Invisible Girl in Room Thirteen - Stephen Simpson

The Invisible Girl in Room Thirteen is a scary ghost story with a twist for teenagers and young adults. The story was first published in eBook on the 1st of December 2016. 

I wrote a fanfiction called New Dawn, but decided to rewrite it as The Shape of My Soul about a girl who could shape shift. The room number thirteen and Lily, the girl who killed herself in that room, kept creeping in and messing with my story, which led me to take all those parts and write a story about Lily, the ghost girl with very evil intentions. 

The Invisible Girl in Room Thirteen is one of those stories where you have to read between the lines, and I have left lots of breadcrumbs along the way toward the gasp! and twisty ending. 

The first edition was published as The Girl in Room Thirteen, and as with all my questionable decisions to date, was later re-published as The Invisible Girl in Room Thirteen. Which, truth be told, is a more fitting title. 

Read the first chapters at Stephen Simpson - The Invisible Girl In Room Thirteen 

Happy reading! 


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