What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep - Stephen Simpson

What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep is a scary story for teenagers and young adults. The story was first published in eBook on the 9th of May 2015. 

This story is based on true events. 

It's no secret that I am afraid of the dark and it's not because horrible things happened to me while I was in the dark. It is because I can feel there is something there that I cannot see. 

I was born with a caul or cowl. Depending where you live, a caul or cowl is also called a veil. It is a piece of membrane that covered my newborn head and face. It is quiet rare for this to happen and fewer than 1 in 80,000 babies are born with a caul and it is harmless. 


As the word veil implies, it means (according to old wives) that I have the ability to see beyond this dimension that we live in. So, could that mean that I can intuit that there is indeed 'things' within the darkness? 

Many laugh at old wives' tales, but it begs to be considered where did these old wive's tales begin. Was it old wives sitting around a fire in their medieval huts making up stories of superstition. I think not. These tales must have had a root and a reason. According to old wives' tales, children born with this caul have the ability to see behind the veil of life and death and that they can communicate with the dead and intuitively know things.  They know something is going to happen, hear voices, or see entities. They often experience coincidental déjà vu. 

This means mostly that I am afraid of the dark, not just night time dark, but dark within a forest too. I know who is phoning before I look at Caller ID. I know someone I am close to is going to die because I start crying for absolutely no reason about a week before. I don't know who, but I know there'll be a death in my circle. 

I have very, very real dreams. Sometimes when I wake, I don't know where I am. As if this is the dream. 

I believe I have a soul, and can dream walk with ease. 

Whilst writing What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep I have taken some of my most weirdest dreams and turned them into a story. 

Read the first chapters at Stephen Simpson - What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep 

Happy reading! 


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