Read all the eBooks for free!

You can now download all our eBooks for free. 

If you would rather buy them, you can still buy them from online retail sites. 

Before I upset the apple cart, let me explain. 

Yes. I do believe I should get paid for leaving pieces of my soul in each story I write. 

No. Just because it's free, does not mean the story isn't well written. 

As we all know, nothing is ever really free. Epictetus in his Enchiridion (maxim Nr. XVIII) states “… nothing is acquired for free, and necessarily must cost us some thing”. If someone said it all those long years ago, we should know by now that it's true... 

So. Although you will indeed be reading my stories for free in eBook format, you will however have to sign up for my newsletter to receive the file(s). 

This means... you will be subscribed to my newsletter that goes out weekly with news and updates - from which - if you don't want to hear from me anymore ☹️ - you can unsubscribe from at any time. 

No grudges. No strings. 


Maybe, as a small token of appreciation for reading the ebook for free, you could, perhaps, be so kind as to leave a review and/or rating wherever you usually buy your eBooks from. Just in case you feel like it. 



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