News & Updates: 27 May 2022


It's been a sad month here in my corner of the world. 

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that my Alvin died on the 28th of April 2022 and as if that's not sad enough, on the 6th of April my mum had been gone for 8 years. So, there's been a lot of crying and missing going on over here. 

Life does go on, though. Things have to be done and there's no time to sit in a corner and pine. Although, it's strange how you can be so very busy, but a sudden thought can stop you right in your tracks and make you remember, then it's deep breaths and carry on. Sometimes, life is hard, but we were made to push through those difficult times. We are strong enough to feel the pain and then to do what needs to be done. That's the way we were built. 

Here's one of the last videos of Alvin. The sound was such an appropriate choice, don't you think? Little did I know... 

@fictionforthesoul Alvin the #catsoftiktok ♬ I love U - Official Sound Studio

Next month, on the 6th of June 2022, I am starting my next story called All The Space Inbetween and I'll be writing a thousand words a day at Fiction for the Soul's Book Corner. You have to be a subscriber to be able to read it. When you sign up for free, you get 7 day complimentary access and can read everything that's been posted behind the paywall. 

I wrote 666 Mark of The Beast this way, and it was a most enjoyable experience. Thus, the reason, why I'm waiting patiently for the last chapter of Recycled Souls to be posted so that I can start writing All The Space Inbetween. The story is making a racket in my head. 

Usually in between new stories that you can read as I write over there, I post one of my older stories but after All The Space Inbetween, I am going to go straight on to the next new story. The wait for me since 666 Mark of The Beast has been much too long, and I am itching to start writing. 


What am I listening to? 

I have been having all my stories auto-narrated on Google Play Books, so I am listening to those at the moment to make sure there's no funky mispronounciations. I have finished all Stephen Simpson's horror stories and once I am finished with those, I'll start doing Lynette Ferreira's sweet romance stories. 

You can listen to first chapters on SoundCloud, or here on this blog. Look under the Stephen Simpson Label  

What am I watching? 

Night Sky on Amazon Prime 

What it is about: Irene and Franklin York, a retired couple, have a secret: a Chamber buried in their backyard that miraculously leads to a strange, deserted planet. When an enigmatic young man arrives, the Yorks’ quiet existence is upended and the mysterious Chamber they thought they knew so well turns out to be much more than they could have ever imagined. Starring Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons. 

I am enjoying it so far. I have one episode left to go because I usually do my series binging on a Sunday but now (weekdays) I have to find the time to watch the rest. I want to, so badly, because it is SO good. I love the mystery of it all. 

What am I reading? 

Cost of Survival: an apocalyptic thriller (Worth of Souls Book 1) Kindle Edition 

What it is about: Mom's bleeding in my arms. She could die any moment, but not before she's made me promise three things: Pray. Don't trust anyone. Stay alive. I promise, but I don't know if I can keep them. Not surviving World War III doesn't scare me, it's surviving it that does. And without the excitement of seeing Bodey everyday, did I even want to try? 

It's a free download on Amazon, and it looks like it's a forever free first in series. I am about 60% in now and I am at the part where her mom is bleeding in her arms. Is she going to die? I don't know yet. I am enjoying the story so far. The only thing that irks me has nothing to do with the story, but the formatting. The spaces between paragraphs are huge and I don't know if it is because the author wants to make the book seem longer than it is because I've reached 60% quite fast, and I am a steady devourer of words, usually. 

Your free book of the week! 


The end of the world will not just happen, it will be a sequence of critical, well-planned events since the beginning of time. 

When the fallen angels were banished from the Heavens, the celestial police force, which were formed immediately after the war told Lucifer if the fallen angels could get a certain girl pregnant by the glare of the blue moon, and this boy-child grows to maturity, survived until the age of twenty-five years, the fallen ones could come back home. 

That boy-child is Lucias, the salvation of all fallen angels. 

He is the key to getting them back home. 

However, Lucifer has other plans for Lucias and will use him in a sequence of events to destroy man and woman, and ultimately give him the power he has desired since the beginning of time. 
The war, which started in the Heavens, never ended, it only continued on earth. 

26 - 30 May 2022

Until next week.


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