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"Great read from a great author."

"This author knows just how to pull the reader in."

"I found this author very appealing. As I had never read this author before, I was quite skeptical that this read would grasp my attention. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the ease in which I became engrossed in this book, but I found myself eagerly anticipating what would be revealed in forthcoming chapters."

"Lynette has become one of my favorite Indie authors as all her books that I have read draw you in and you don't want to put them down because you just have to know what is going to happen next!"

"Lynette is a very talented author and her books capture the imagination and draw you into the story so that you feel like you are a part of it."

"A great write from a great author, this book will fill you with delighted surprise and leave you with a warm glow."

"Ferreira is clearly a talented writer with an excellent handle on grammar, pacing and description."

"The author takes you on a journey and as the reader you never want it to end!"

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