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Here at Fiction for the Soul you'll find stories for Teens, 

Young Adults and Adults Young at Heart. 

Lynette Ferreira writes sweet, wholesome romance stories for teenagers and young adults about first love, really cute boys, kissing, all the drama, and with all the feels.

Books by Lynette are:- 

Pocketful of Hope 

The Shape of My Soul 

Samantha & The Empath 

Paper Hearts 

The Reaper 

Recycled Souls series 

All Over Again 

My Recycled Soul 

When Destiny Collides 

The Great Divide series 

The Great Divide 

When We Love 

The Vampire Pirate series 

William The Damned 

The Vampire Pirate’s Daughter 

The Vampire Virus 

Counting Stars series 

Forever Young 


Recycled Souls 

The Sweetest Love of All 

William The Vampire Pirate 

Rosaline Saul writes uplifting and wholesome fantasy fiction for teens, young adults and adults young at heart. Her stories tend to have a dark and gloomy tone. Now a full-time writer, Rosaline and her family call Northern Ireland home. 

Books by Rosaline are:- 

Blood Moon 

Lucias The Fallen 

My Life Hereafter 

Perpetual Midnight 


ForNever series 


A Shade of Witch 

The OtherWorld series 

Welcome to Strangely 



Stephen Simpson writes young adult horror novels for teens. Scary stories with gasp endings. He has always had a vivid imagination and now uses this gift to tell dark and creepy stories.

Books by Stephen are:- 

Chain Letter 

Murder Gone Viral 

The Invisible Girl in Room Thirteen 

What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep 

666 Mark of The Beast 

Zombie Girl series 

UnDead Girl 


The Girl in Room Thirteen and Other Scary Stories 


Elizabeth van Heerden writes provocative Flash Fiction, also known as sudden fiction, micro fiction, short-short stories, and quick fiction about social issues. 

Stories by Elizabeth are:- 

Flash Fiction 

My Child, My Life 

Fifteen Seconds Ago 

The Beginning of a Life Misunderstood 

The Dark, Dark House 


Remember When 

The Tokolosh 

Never Forgotten 

My Entry into the Abyss 

Short Stories 

Only in My Memories 

Would You Remember Me? 

Was Bleibt Von MIR 

Happy reading!