News & Updates: 11 June 2022



I hope you are healthy & happy ♥ 

If you've read 666 Mark of the Beast, and hopefully you've enjoyed the story, then you'll know that it ended rather abruptly. 

Only after the story was printed and published, did I realise I had left Liam lying half dead in a field... Not good. At all. 

It all turned out to be good, though, because the story is still churning around in my head. It looks like there'll be three more books. 

I am supposed to write a story by Lynette Ferreira called All The Space Inbetween (since 2019!!), and then, also, a new story by Rosaline Saul (I cannot reveal the title yet, but it is awesome). 

However, too many times have I told myself I'll come back to write the next book in a series...  

I never do.  

From history, there's Forever Young with no Book 2 (yet). There's Welcome to Strangely with no Book 2 (yet), and UnDead Girl with no Book 2 (yet).  
Do you also see a pattern, or is it just me? 

Thus, the main reason why I am going to drop writing two stand-alone stories to rather finish 666.  

Have I told you yet? 

I am really excited about this story. 

I'll be writing it again at Fiction for the Soul's Book Corner in daily episodes of a 1,000 words each, and I hope you'll join us. 

After I wrote 666 Mark of The Beast at Fiction for the Soul's Book Corner, I thought I'd need time to get all my ducks in a row to do the publishing, and formatting, and, and, and, but I didn't really need all that time I gave myself, which means that after Book 2, I will be going straight into Book 3. 

Great news because I'll be back to writing every day and (hopefully) all the stories jumping around in my head will see the light of day quicker than what's been happening. 

The next journey starts on 27 June 2022. Will you be there? 

Thank you, so much, for your continued support! 


Book News 

I am trying to move away from distributors and I would like to make a real push at selling eBooks direct from my own shop at Fiction for the Soul

Can you help me with this? 

If you are interested, all the details are available at Become a Fiction for the Soul Affiliate 

What am I listening to? 

I know! It's getting boring now telling you the same thing every week but I am still listening to my auto narrated audio books on Google... 

I have finished uploading all Stephen Simpson's horror stories and once I am finished with those, I'll start doing Lynette Ferreira's sweet romance stories.  

You can listen to first chapters on SoundCloud

What am I watching? 

What it is about: After giving Joe the film, Juliana is forced to flee the fury of the Resistance while embarking on a new path to save her home from destruction. Joe confronts his absent father in Berlin, who is not as he seems. Smith wrestles with what to do about his ill son. Frank takes a gamble with his life in a bid to save Ed. Tagomi’s life is turned upside down by his “travel” to an alternative world. 

I loved Season One, and, thus, we are now on Season 2, Episode 4.  

To be 100% honest, at the moment I am NOT liking Frank Frank!  

When we were watching tonight, I told my husband (in a joking manner), this story is just like my stories. Starts off quite normal and then gets all weird... He did not say that it is not so. I don't know how I feel about that. 

I digress.  

It's a good series. You should watch it! 

What am I reading? 

Spirit Girl Kindle Edition

What it is about: 

12-year-old Ginger Allen is a psychic who can communicate with the dead. Being an outcast and loner at school, Ginger struggles to fit in.

But, the second she meets Charlie, the new girl in her class, that all changes. Quickly, their friendship blossoms, and Ginger develops her first real crush.

However, their friendship is tested when Ginger discovers that Charlie is a spirit who’s been separated from her body.

To help Charlie find out the truth about her mysterious past, Ginger must confront her own, which means contacting her absent father, a powerful psychic who is obsessed with dark magic.

Ginger contacting her father could come with many dangers for her and Charlie. Together they’ll have to take on the dark forces of the world.

Spirt Girl is the tween/teen LGBT novel that every middle school library needs. Perfect coming of age story for LGBT kids wanting to see themselves represented in books beyond just coming out.

I downloaded this book from BookSprout. Booksprout is an ebook reading/review APP where readers can sign up for an account and agree to read books provided through Booksprout for the purpose of leaving reviews. It’s a bit of a WIN/WIN situation in that readers get what they want (free access to books), and authors get what they want (readers and reviewers). 

Your free book of the week! 

A mystery. A love story. A lesson learned.

Sunel Anderson has a little, invisible man who sits on her shoulder, and most of the time she does not listen to him.

Until that day.

There was a blinding flash…

There should have been only darkness...

But everything looks the same.

Even though it shouldn't.

She can only vaguely remember the day her school bus ran over the cliff. The day she and most of her fellow students ended up here.

The twins, Mark and David Landon, were also on the bus, but David did not come here with them.

David was sent across the valley to the other side.

Even though Sunel fears the valley of darkness and going to the other side, because that is where she believes she belongs and everyone has made a mistake letting her in here, she and her new friend, Carly, agrees to help Mark find his brother.

What will they find on the other side of fear?

09 - 13 June 2022

Until next week.


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