Every book has a story

They are the best of the best, the Navy SEALs. The world’s most elite fighting force. A vital kill-mission inside Afghanistan uncovers an unexpected and deadly plot to use a nuclear weapon.
The true story of best friends who come face to face with whales ,dolphins, and turtles dodging wind and waves on the 16 day kayak adventure around the Big Island of Hawaii, never before attempted.
Young, beautiful, thirty-year-old Emma Wilson arrives by taxi in a small tourist town at 7:55 a.m. Her clothes are filthy, her appearance disheveled. She has no purse, no wallet, no luggage, but her back pocket is stuffed with hundred dollar bills.
The Kaliningrad stands as the last great triumph of Soviet submarine technology. Now it has put out to sea, lurking beneath the polar ice cap. In command is the most brilliant officer the Soviet fleet has ever produced—Admiral Alexi Novskoyy.
The 2010 visionary novel about the dramatic effects of a CORONA pandemic. A great adventure epic, focused on a single survivor, Alan, who must battle the aftershocks of a deadly viral epidemic.
The Preparation, the first book in the 299 Days series, depicts the inner struggles Grant must face as he exists in a social system he recognizes as unsustainable and on the verge of collapse.
In Deep is an action packed ride that will take you from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the jungles of the Amazon.
The three of them team up to solve a mystery that takes place in a snowy chateau up in the mountains. The story’s full of intrigue and adventure and puzzles and...
The King's Assassin Trilogy is gathered together for the first time. Travel to the land of Obyra, where magic abounds and assassins play important roles in the power struggles of monarchs.

Aaron sets out on a path of discovery – only to find demons, dangerous hybrids and more secrets; ones that threaten everything Aaron thought he knew.
Dividing Dragons will transport you through countless exploits, while an ancient curse is revealed, and a prophecy comes to be.
With his daughter killed at the hands of Hibernians, Jarl Dragonheart sets sail for revenge. With a handful of brave Ulfheonar and untried warriors intent on proving themselves...