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Where can I buy books published by Fiction for the Soul?

  • eBooks by Rosaline Saul are available to download from Amazon.

  • eBooks by Lynette Ferreira are available from all online book retailers.

  • eBooks by Stephen Simpson are available from all online book retailers.

  • Paper books can be purchased online or from your favourite bookshop, or borrowed from your local library. If they do not have the book on their shelves, ask them to order it in.

  • Hard covers can be purchased direct from Fiction for the Soul at a discount and free postage, or borrowed from your local library. If they do not have the book on their shelves, ask them to order it in.

  • Audio books are available from most online audio book subscription services, or you can purchase the mp3 file direct from Fiction for the Soul.

How can I find out more about Fiction for the Soul?

Read the about section here on this website.

How can I connect with Fiction for the Soul?

Our social media platform of choice is Facebook, so the best chance for connecting with us is through our Facebook page.

How can I get a signed book?

You can contact us to place a special order.

Is there a list where I can find all the stories?

All of this information is available on the Book List page on this website.

How can I contact Fiction for the Soul to order books, or with other customer issues?

Use the Contact page.

How do I download my free eBook after I bought a paperback direct from Fiction for the Soul?

How to Download on an iOS Device

Downloading on mobile devices

Sending an eBook to Kindle

If you have no eReader, you can download the Amazon Kindle app, and turn almost any phone, PC or Laptop into a Kindle eReader.

The Kindle app is available for iOS, Android, Mac & PC - it is compatible with almost all tablets, laptops and desktops.

It is free to download.

To install or update the Kindle App on your PC:

    1. Go to

    2. Select Download for PC & Mac.

    3. When the download completes, follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Need more help?

Can I return my paperback?

Yes. Our returns policy lasts 30 (thirty) days from date of delivery on orders for physical products ordered directly from this website. Please read our Refund Policy carefully.

Can I cancel a paperback order?

Yes. You can cancel orders within one hour of the order being placed.

Cancel an order

Important: Upon completion of a paper book transaction, the free eBook will be delivered immediately to your email address. When a paper book order is cancelled, an amount of £2.00 will be deducted for the eBook files you have already received.

What if I have a problem with my paperback order?

Print errors are rare, but they do happen! If you notice anything 'off' about your book, please contact us.

What is the shipping time for a paperback order?

Estimated shipping time is 2-3 weeks, after 3-5 days production time.

Can I get my paperback order faster?

At the moment, Fiction for the Soul only offers Standard Mail for orders made through this website.

Which countries do you ship to?