Every book has a story

Twelve-year-old Raven Grayson finds herself in the nation’s new capital, battling loneliness and crushing depression, all while trying to find her place among her fellow transplanted Eden survivors.
Uncertain where to turn and who to trust in this strange new world, they must band together in an attempt to survive.
The long-predicted Coronal Mass Ejection has finally hit the Earth, virtually destroying civilization.
Joseph Moore, choir director for the First Baptist Church of Lenora, Nebraska, has secrets of his own. Terrible, lonely secrets.
My name is Harlynn, and I am undead. I also have the ability to communicate with the dead.
This nonstop pulsating thriller keeps your palms sweaty and at the edge of your seat as our hero Henry fights to survive the night against a formidable and menacing foe.
Renda soon discovers that there is a lot more going on in the Trillo household than meets the eye.
The walls were talking again, whispering amongst themselves about secrets Charles strained to hear.
Last of A Dying Earth-What would happen if there were almost no humans left on earth & immortal vampires began to die?
Following a successful mission to the nation’s former capital, Cade returns to the compound in rural Utah to find his life irrevocably altered.
It started when I met her, the memories, the thirst.Whatever lurks inside me wants one thing--her
Robinson’s first pulse-pounding horror novel (originally penned under his Jeremy Bishop pseudonym) is a horrific tale of post-apocalyptic terror.