Every book has a story

When the gunplay started the five Texans were in there, fighting to a man.
Charlie isn't thrilled when a forceful female attorney comes into the office demanding that RJP Investigations locate her missing father in time for an upcoming family reunion.
BLADE—Slow to anger, fast with a gun and no slouch with women.
Each one has a different version of what happened between the outlaw and the lady,and who killed Frank Glover.
When Emmett Kennedy and his gang came calling at the ranch, little did they know that the ghastly crime they would enact would lead them to fall under the Watch Man’s wrath.
When hard-traveling Tom Buchanan and his two-fisted saddle partner, Coco Bean, rode into El Paso, they found Ebenezar Shaw, an old friend and proprietor of the Grace Stage Line, in some mean trouble with a greedy big businessman and his hired desperadoes.
Ex-con, Town Marshal Dan Eckert thought life in Sweetwater would be ... sweet.
This Stuart Brannon adventure pits the famous ex-lawman against the shrewdest outlaw of his career, takes him into perilous situations, and again challenges his heart with a crucial question.
It seems when a lady's called "Calamity," chaos follows wherever she goes, even to the mostly peaceful railroad town of Mulrooney, Kansas.
Dusty Fog and his men have to round up a rich dead man's friends and relatives and bring them to the old home place for the reading of his will.
They were all at Tombstone to try and win a matched pair of gold-inlaid Colt Cavalry Peacemakers.
It was a chance for a new beginning and a better life for a wagon train of hopefuls leaving the war torn South to relocate in Kansas. Unfortunately, new enemies and old habits die hard, and the truth can come to mean very little.